Rules and FAQ

New to the guild? Let us know who you are--where you're from, how you found us, what you do in your free time, anything you want--by posting on our Newbie forum on our message board system. BUT FIRST, be sure to read our rules and FAQ below to get acquainted with the guild!


Cheating? Hacking? Scamming? ^top
First and foremost, we highlight this to stress its importance. Cheating, hacking, scamming, or otherwise getting an unfair advantage on Neopets or in the guild is completely unacceptable. We firmly believe in playing fair and we encourage this in all our members; you should work hard and work honestly in all things you do--on or offline!

Cheating is not tolerated in our guild and doing so can lead to permanent banning from the Silver Lined Clouds.

Where do we chat? ^top
This is probably the most important question to ask because the message boards are the lifeline of the guild where all the activity takes place. There are two places to chat in the Silver Lined Clouds...

The first method is an old method that we do not usually use anymore and that is the message boards on the Guild Neosite. These boards are not used for major forms of communication or chatting and are used mostly by new members who do not yet know where most of the action in the guild takes place...

Most of the chatting and exchange of information in the guild occurs on our off-site Proboards Message Board system. An easy way to get there is It is much more organized than the guild Neosite and also a bit more complex. If you need help understanding them, you can visit the Message Board Help page. While this is the main and preferred method of activity in the guild, please know that you are free to decide NOT to join the boards. You can chat and post on our Neosite if you prefer but just remember that they are less frequently checked.

If you haven't already signed up at the boards, please take 10 seconds to do so now. Sign up is easy and its free. Just sign up with a username as close as possible to your Neopets username. You'll get your board password in your email. Verify the account, login, and you're ready to post! Don't forget to read the Rules and Etiquette (see below).

If you have any problems with signing up on the boards, please Neomail a council member.

Message Board rules and etiquette? ^top

  1. Username selection – In order to avoid confusion, the username you choose for the Guild message boards MUST be as close as possible to your Neopets username or your board account will be deleted.

    If you are unable to match your message board name exactly to your Neopets name, then please put your Neopets username in the DISPLAY NAME field. It can be found in the Profile option which can be found at the top page on the boards.

  3. Email selection – It is important that you use a real email address when signing up because it requires an activation that will be emailed to you. Please note that many users have reported problems receiving activation codes at AOL email addresses. If you use AOL, we suggest using an alternate email address (such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail) because AOL automatically marks guild emails as spam.

  5. Offensive Material – We will not tolerate foul and/or innappropriate language in the Silver Lined Clouds. Our Discussion Boards are for members of all ages and, after all, this is a Neopets-related website! Masking profanity such as s*** is also not allowed. It goes without saying (but will be said anyway) that you should not post something that might offend people. (Religion, genderism, politics, etc.)

  7. Posting a topic – Use descriptive subject lines and research your post to make sure it hasn't been posted already by another member. Please also consider which board your thread should be posted in before posting. Don't worry about accidentally posting in the wrong forum, though. One of our moderators can easily move the thread for you!
    Also, do not post just for the sake of posting. If you don't truly have anything to say don't post just to make it look active. These empty posts are not regarded in the evaluation of your number of posts... if anything they annoy us and make promotion less likely!

  9. Posting Outside Links – Posting links to other Neopets web sites on our Discussion Boards are permitted but invitations to other guilds will be deleted. We also ask that you do not post links that do not pertain to the discussion.

  11. Edit/Deleting Posts – You have the ability to edit your own posts. Council and Staff members have the ability and right to edit or delete any post without prior notification. We will remove objectionable messages and material whenever necessary as soon as possible.

  12. Advertisements – Advertisements such as auctions, chain letters, advertisements, shop endorsements that do not pertain to the discussion are strictly prohibited.

  13. Start your own thread to ask for donations, don't crash an existing topic.
  14. No Fighting – Please be considerate to all guild members. If you are having trouble with a member, be respectful and address your problems with a Council Member who will try to peacefully resolve the issue.

  15. Flooding – Please do not flood the boards. Posting several messages right after another is flooding. Do not post irrelevant messages just to bump up your thread or to bump up your number of posts. Your number of posts is irrelevant. It's all about quality, not quantity!

  16. Enjoy Yourself – Have fun and please feel free to post any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns that you may have!

Can I ask for donations? ^top
While we prefer members did not do this, it is not against the rules to do so as long as it is not a regular habit. If you are a new member, you might want to refrain from doing this because it looks a bit suspicious if you join, have very few posts, and are asking for donations. (Is that the only reason you joined?) Also, please do not Neomail or PM our members for donations, that's just rude.

In a similar vein, no member is allowed to ask people for donations in the name of the guild. That is to say, we don't want people to be collecting Neopoints for the guild. We have donation programs in place where members can voluntarily decide to donate on the Support page.

Why is everyone ignoring me? ^top
We're not! If you post a message or Neomailed a guild member, please be patient; it will be answered. Remember that, just like you, we all have lives outside of Neopets and we are not online 24/7, afterall we do not get paid to do this!

In the unlikely event that it's been over a day and your question/comment has not been addressed, please contact a council member and they'll do their best to help.

Also, you might want to check out this old Neopian Times article that someone wrote about their guild leader.

Can I run a contest? ^top
Yes and no.

Holding contests are actually against Neopets' own Terms and Conditions and are therefore not allowed in the guild. All hope is not lost though!

One thing that is not against the rules is to have a random giveaway. If you have an item that you would like to give away to a guild member you can do so by randomly selecting an active member of our guild.

However, if you really want to hold a competition of some sort, you can do so as long as no prize is promised for participation. This means no raffles or "Neomail to be entered" sorts of competitions since they physically require someone to do something to be eligible to win the prize. (Yes, even simply asking people to Neomail you is against the rules for a competition—Neopets rules, not ours!)

This does not mean, however, that you cannot give a prize to the winner or participants of your competitions. You can hold a competition so long as no prize is promised for participating! At the end, if you like, you can give prizes to anybody as a special surprise.

Sometimes this can be confusing so please feel free to ask a council member if your competition is against the rules.

When exactly are the "frequent giveaways?" ^top
There is no specific time frame for giveaways but there are several different types that you could win from and they are all located in our Prize Cloud Forum. There are three types of threads on our our boards where you might just get lucky. To learn more about them, visit the Activities page.

Can I participate in guild activities? ^top
You must be an active member in the guild with an account at our Message Boards in order to participate in our activities. Why/how are there so many members? ^top
Hard work and dedication is the quick answer. A variety of factors go into the success that our guild enjoys. A lot of it has to do with the work and dedication of our members as well as the Council. Especially important  is the devotion and volunatary time and effort we all put into making this guild a wonderful place. Check out the guild History page for more info on how we got so many members.

Also, inactive members are NOT deleted from our guild if they have not done anything against ours or Neopets rules. Merely being inactive is not grounds for termination of membership. After all, if we delete inactive members then all of the work, time, energy, NP and devotion put forth to get all those members would be completely wasted. Besides, sometimes real life requires attention and it wouldn't be fair to delete a member simply because they have other more important obligations! A second motto of ours is "Life before Neopets."

Will the guild go private? ^top
We have worked very hard since 2002 to make the Silver Lined Clouds accessible and fun for everyone. As such, we do not want to block any potential members from enjoying what we have to offer. We feel that everyone should have the right to be here for as long as they like so we will continue to keep the guild public for all to join and enjoy.

What about my rank? ^top
Quite simply, if you are active in the guild and on the Message Boards, then your rank will surely be increased. In our guild we classify "active" as getting along with other members, staying up to date with what's going on in the guild, participating in guild events, helping other members, recruiting new members, etc.

For much more detailed information on ranks, see the Hierarchy page.

How do I get a room inside the castle? ^top
Only highest ranking members of our guild earn a room inside the guild castle.

What exactly does this mean? When you reach the highest guild ranking of Magic Cloud you can apply for a room inside our guild castle by going to this Room Application. The room is basically a bedroom in a Residence Hall of your choice inside the Guild Castle and you can pick the themes, color schemes, and type of furniture that you'd like in it for your pets to hang out in when they are here at the guild.

Note: You can't see your pets inside your room; this is an independent thing from Neopets that we do for our guild members to make them feel more a part of our guild. It's merely meant as a special way to give special mention to our highest ranking members.

To get to the guild castle, just click on the doors that lead into the castle on the guild map on the home page of the website. Alternatively, you can click here.

Who cares what I have to say, I'm new! ^top
Just because you are a Light Breeze does not mean your opinions or ideas are less welcomed than a Magic Cloud or Council Member. Your input is valuable to us. After all, the guild is here for YOU and your enjoyment. So if you have any problems, suggestions, comments, or ideas please do not hesitate to let us know either by PM or on the boards.

The End