Hierarchy & Ranks

Rankings in the guild do not make you more important. Instead, it lets other members know that you have worked hard to gain prestige and trust within our guild. The rankings are as follows:

Non-council Council
  1. Light Breeze

  2. Whirlwind

  3. Misty Vapor

  4. Enchanting Fog

  5. Magic Cloud

  1. Sapphire Cloud - Daisy1961

  2. Emerald Cloud - Fullbloom720

  3. Silver Cloud - Fairy_Tale_Girl64

  4. Gold Cloud - Dlfreak

  5. Diamond Cloud - BunnyRabt

Commonly Asked Questions
Not quite sure what the rankings are all about? Need more information? You're in the right place!

How does my rank go up? ^top
Your rank is raised little by little depending on your activity with in the guild. If you are active on the message boards your rank willl eventually be increased.

It's relatively easy to get to Whirlwind... it becomes much more difficult to get to Misty Vapor and it becomes progressively harder to advance in rank. If you are dedicated to contributing to the guild community we will surely notice.

What does it mean to be "active?" ^top
In our guild we classify "active" as getting along with other members, staying up to date with what's going on in the guild, participating in guild events/competitions, helping other members, recruiting new members, etc. Your rank is NOT increased depending on the number of messages that you post. Quality over quantity!

Important: Being active in the guild means keeping up to date with the guild message boards. You are not required, however, to post and read all the boards/threads on the Message Boards. For all intents and purposes, being active in the guild is determined by your activity on the Guild General and Neopets General Boards. The other boards are solely for entertainment purposes so that you can chat with other guild members and get to know them better.

Will my rank go down? ^top
If you have not been active in the guild for at least two months or have not been "Spotted" (according to your Neopets lookup) in less than 100 days, your rank may be lowered back down to Light Breeze. If you come back from an extended leave and would like your rank reinstated, please contact dlfreak.

Furthermore, if you will be unable to log on to Neopets for a prolonged amount of time and don't want to lose your ranking, you should post in the Drifting Clouds forum to let us know. If you do not do this we do not know if you've left Neopets or the Guild and this is why rankings may be lowered.

Do I lose my ranking if I leave the guild? ^top
Yes. If you leave the guild, your ranking disappears. If you rejoin it will not be reinstated. Exceptions will be made if the guild was left by accident. Other exceptions are unlikely but will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

Also, your rank is not increased depending on the number of messages that you post. Donating is also not used as a means of guaging activity as it is not fair for those who cannot afford to donate anything. It's relatively easy to get to Whirlwind (the first rank) and it becomes progressively much more difficult to get higher after that; Magic Cloud is by far the hardest to acheive and is only granted to the most devoted, deserving, members. Their diligence is rewarded with a room in our guild castle.

What is a Magic Cloud? ^top
If you are lucky (and active) enough to make it to Magical Cloud ranking, you will not be demoted. Magic Cloud is the highest non-council ranking in the guild. All Magic Cloud ranking members have the option to create their own personalized room in our Guild Castle. You can get to the application here.

Why haven't I been promoted? ^top
First of all, begging is not allowed so please do not repeatedly ask for your rank to be increased. If you are deserving of it, you will be recognized and your rank will be increased. If you feel you have been overlooked, please PM a council member on the message boards.

Hierarchy simplified? ^top
Click here for a fun breakdown of the guild Hierarchy.