There are various activities and events that go on here in the guild to help keep things fun and interesting. Below is a listing of the various events in which you can partake!

Members of the Month ^top
This special recognition occurs each month. There are two special awards to win. The first is available to every member of the guild. It's the regular Member of the Month award. This award recognizes an outstanding member who has been especially active, kind, and/or helpful in the past month.

The second award is Magic Cloud of the Month and as the title suggests, it's recognition of guild members who are ranked Magic Cloud or higher (council members).

Awarding of this special honor occurs on or around the 1st of each month. To see the present and past Members of the Month, visit the Support page.

This has never been an issue but it does bear to be noted that repeatedly asking or begging for this award stands completely against what the Member of the Month entails. Anyone caught doing this will be automatically removed from consideration for the award for that month.

Adoption Agency ^top
We have our own adoption agency here in the guild where members can adopt (or put up for adoption) any and all kinds of pets. For more information, visit the Agency for New Life.

Guild Giveaways ^top
There are several types of giveaways that occur among the Silver Lined Clouds.  Nothing is required of you to be eligible, you just have to be a member! first is the Official Guild Giveaways thread. This thread is utilized by the Guild Guardian Faeries and by the Council. At random, they may give away all sorts of prizes to active members in the guild!

The second are Gift Giver threads. These are official threads by members who decide to regularly give away random prizes to guild members! Their threads are stickied to the top of the forums page so that they are easy to find..

Finally there are all the other member-created threads of the Prize Cloud. Members who are feeling generous give items away here. If you want to give away a prize you can do that here. If you do semi-frequent giveaways, you might want to become an Official Gift Giver so that your thread is sticked to the top of the page. You can apply for that position on the Jobs page.

Guardian Quests ^top
Sometimes the guild Guardian Faeries need help finding items around Neopia.

In the Guardian Quest thread, they will post requests for specific members to try and find a certain item. Members who accept the quests do not need to buy the item requested, they simply need to find a shop that carries one (it doesn't even have to be the cheapest one) and post the link in the thread!

As with all competitions, there are no prizes promised for participation but your activity and helpfulness will be duly noted when it comes time for rank increases! Also, the guardians won't contact you personally so you'll need to keep an eye on the thread for their quests. If you don't respond within a day or two, they'll give the quest to someone else!


Theme Weeks ^top
Every so often, we like to change things up here in the guild by having special theme week celebrations. Often, these theme weeks revolve around a central theme and there are several activities and competitions relating to the theme for members to partake in. Of course, there are giveaways of themed prizes, including a huge grand prize worth well over 200,000 NP and sometimes even more!

For more information on theme weeks, see the Theme Weeks page. If you'd like to donate to the guild to help fund future theme weeks, please feel free to visit the Support page for more information.

Guardian Eyespy ^top
Every so often, one of the guardians will decide to test members' knoweldge of our guild castle. They will post a series of questions for everyone to answer. Keep an eye out on the Prize Cloud forum for new Eyespy competitions!

Mystery Picture ^top
This is a fun on-going competition we have here in the guild. Can you guess what the mystery picture is? They are usually always guild-related. Post your guesses here!

1NP Auctions ^top
A couple times a month, our guild holds 1 NP auctions in which only our members are allowed to bid. The auctions are usually of a variety of different items including bottled fareies and codestones! Keep an eye out on the Prize Cloud for upcoming auctions.


Guild Food Pantry ^top
Have you noticed that one of your Neopets eats more than the others? Do you sometimes find that one omelette and a jelly a day just isn't enough to keep all your Neopets happy and full-up? Do you have too many NPs to visit the Soup Kitchen but not quite enough for the food your pets deserve? Well, the Guild Food Pantry is here to help! Visit the Pantry thread for more information.

Happy Guild Birthdays ^top
One advantage to signing up at our message board system is that we can keep track of our members' birthdays to make sure that they get a special greeting on their very special day.

Room in the Guild Castle ^top
Magic Cloud members are the most esteemed members of the guild, they have achieved the highest possible guild ranking and are rewarded with their very own room in our guild Castle. If you are a Magic Cloud, you can fill out the Room Application and as soon as possible, your very own room to your own specifications will be built just for you and your pets!

Prizes for Activity ^top
While there is no guarantee that being active will get you any prizes, we do usually select members who we actually know for our giveaways! So while simply being a member qualifies you for our random giveaways, your chances of being selected are greater if you're active with guild activities and postings. Afterall, gift-givers will be more likely to grant you a prize if they actually know who you are!