Guild Jobs

Our guild is like a very big, complicated, machine and in order to keep it running like a well-oiled one, it takes a lot of work.

As such, we offer jobs to our guild members so that they can help keep the guild running and at the same time contribute to making the Silver Lined Clouds a great place.

Unfortunately, it is against Neopets rules to offer any sort of compensation for doing guild jobs so we cannot offer you anything in exchange for helping out with the various guild jobs except a very sincere THANK YOU!

With all jobs, you are expected to Neomail bunnyrabt each Sunday and let him know that you are keeping up with your job, just to check in. You are not required to do this but it helps keep the job listings updated and it lets him know that you are staying active in the guild! You can even just send a short Neomail with "JOB" in the subject line.


Guild Adoption Agency  ^top
This job requires you to already have the lab map as well as space for an adopted pet. You are asked to take pet(s) from the Pound and zap them everyday at the lab until it turns into a rare pet (Poogle, Cybunny, etc) or a rare color (Faerie, Baby, Robot, etc). Once this happens, you put it up for guild members to adopt.

For details about Guild Adoption services, see the Agency for New Life.

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Discount Shopkeeper  ^top
These are a very special feature of the guild and are solely supported by the generosity of our members. You can have a discount shop offering what ever item or items that you like but it should have some sort of central theme. (Clothes, codestones,  purple items, etc).

Members who take discount shops should already have pre-existing supplies of the items they intend to sell but this is not required. We really ask that only serious members who intend to keep up with the shops take them, however.

For more information on this job, see the Discount Shops page.

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See the Discount Shops page to browse!

Discount Shop Monitor  ^top
This is an important job that requires you to check each Guild Discount shop once per week to see if the owners are keeping their discount shops stocked with the appropriate items.

If a member is not keeping up with their shop, you send them a Neomail informing them that you are a discount shop monitor and have noticed that they are not keeping up with their shop. They have a week to bring their shop up to par and if by the next time you check shops that there has not been improvement, you need to contact dlfreak so he can contact the owner himself and/or remove the discount shop from the listing.

Here is an example of what the initial Neomail to the member might say:

Hey there, I'm USERNAME, I'm a Discount Shop Monitor and I noticed that you don't have any ITEM in your ITEM Discount Shop. As a Discount Shop owner, you are expected to stock at least a few ITEMS for guild members to be able to purchase.

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Gift Giver  ^top
This job asks that you give gifts to active members of the guild. Some members like giving several smaller value gifts to many members while others prefer to give bigger prizes to fewer members. The decision is yours if you take this job.

As a Gift Giver you can start a thread in the Prize Cloud forum to announce your winners and their prizes and it will be stickied to the top of the forum. Winners should be active members and they must be chosen randomly. Here is an example of what to say in your thread for each new winner:

"Congratulations to USERNAME for being today's random gift winner. An ITEM is on its way to your inventory."

To send items to winners, simply get the item in your Inventory and select "Give to Neofriend" from the drop down menu. Enter the member's username in the space provided and they get their item! If they don't accept the prize within the two day limit that Neopets gives to accept the items, then you can decide whether you'd like to give the prize to someone else or keep trying to give it to that member.

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Birthday Gift Giver  ^top
We like to make a big deal of birthdays here in the guild to make members feel special on their special day. When you create a forum account on our Proboards, your birthday is logged and we use that to find out when members have birthdays. They are shown at the very bottom of the Proboards main page. It is from here that you will know when there are guild birthdays.

Here's a checklist of what to do with this job:

  1. Everyday, try to check the birthday section on the Info Center at the bottom of the Proboards home page.

  2. If the member is active, you can Neomail or PM them to say happy birthday on behalf of yourself and the guild.

  3. If you like, you may send the member an item of your choice worth about 1,000 NP. If we have more than one gift giver doing this, it makes that member's birthday even better!

  4. Wish the member a happy birthday on the Kickback Cafe forum if no one else has yet.

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Recruiting  ^top
We are constantly looking to have new members join our guild. The more the merrier, they say. Everybody and anybody can and should try to recruit members to join our guild. The methods should not be annoying and you should never be rude when trying to get people to join.

Some popular recruiting methods include:

  1. Use your shop, gallery, user lookup, or pet page/lookup to show off guild Graphics.

  2. Use your shop's Sales History and thank everyone for purchasing from your shop. You can also ask them to consider checking out the guild and having them join if they like what they see.

  3. Browse around the Neoboards in the Guild section for members looking for guilds and contact them with a personalized Neomail.

  4. Start topics on the Neoboards in the Guild section advertising the guild.

This job is open to everyone. Whenever someone joins, you should encourage them to post that you invited them on our Member Referrals forum. Also don't forget to let them know to introduce themselves in the Introduction forum. If you think this is a job that you could do at least once a week, contact dlfreak!

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Neopets Quest Helper  ^top
With this job, you need to check our Quest Help board on a frequent/daily basis to check for new quests. When someone has a quest, they cannot use the Shop Wizard  and this is where this job comes in handy.

As a Quest Hepler, you should search the Shop Wizard for the item the person is looking for and link to a few of the shops which have that item for the cheapest you could find. You should post about five different shops that contain the item in the event that the item is bought by the time the member who needs it reads your post.

Once the transaction is complete, you should contact a moderator to delete the initial request.

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 Autumn_Child Alienfreak2006

Welcoming Committee  ^top
We like all members to feel welcomed when they join our guild. With this job, welcome messagess should be Neomailed (not posted on the message boards) to new users and should include some of the following information:

A welcome (obviously!)
Read the Rules Page
Sign up at the Message Boards
Explore the guild website
Check out Like DL page

You can make your welcome how ever you'd like it. You don't thave to mention everything above, you can mention things that YOU specifically like about the guild or things that you think they might enjoy. The point is not how it's done or what you say but that the member feels welcomed to the guild.

You might want to  write out a welcome message and save it in an easy-to-get-to Word document so that you can copy and paste it later. Still, you should try to make each message personalized when you send them. If you like their lookup, pets, or notice something else to talk about with them, then this could be used as a launching point for your welcome message!.

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