Support Your Guild

The Silver Lined Clouds run largely in part due to the contributions and dedication of our members. There are various ways to help contribute to the guild and keep it running.

We have two shops available if you'd like to donate to the guild. Please know that donating to the guild is NOT required. There are no direct personal benefits associated with donating to the guild so while we appreciate every gift, we cannot use donating as a means of gauging activity because it is not fair to those who cannot afford to donate.

Where to Donate

Donations Shop

This is a shop setup with cheap items at inflated prices. Handy if you're looking to donate some Neopoints. It is not required but requested that items be returned to help keep costs of running the shop down.

Guild Super Store

This is another shop set up with items at inflated prices, however, these items are likely to be items that you already want. Looking for a bottled faerie, scratch card, or codestone? Head over here to get what you want and to donate to the guild at the same time!

Members of the Month
Each month we like to highlight two very special members. They are recognized for their support and contributions to the guild.

View the Members of the Month Here!

Guild Loyalty Userlookup
Your Userlookup says a lot about you and if you have a lot to say about your guild, then you can highlight it with this special Loyalty Guild User Lookup.

Coming Soon!

Guild Loyalty Shop Layout
If you do a lot of business in your shops, you might want to consider using your shop as a means of showing your support for the guild.

Coming Soon!

Simple Castle Button
Want to support the guild but don't want to change your shop or user lookup layout? You can use this dandy little image below featuring our guild castle! Just copy and paste the coding below wherever you'd like it, including blogs, shops, or lookups!

See what's beyond the Silver Lined Clouds!

Guild Music
Do you love our guild jingle so much that you want to share it with the rest of Neopia? Well now you can, just insert the coding below into your shop or userlookup!

Preview the music