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Quite often, people ask how I can afford to maintain the guild with all the giveaways and theme week prizes that we give away. To answer that question, and let everyone in on my NP-making "secrets," I created a list here for everyone to see and use.

Below is a listing of the things I tend to do everyday when I log on to Neopets. They are listed in order I use them and I've found it to be best in this order. Clicking Alexia2002 (the Faerie Shoyru above) will open up your Quickref page to help you quickly and easily change your active pet for activities like Underwater Fishing.


Daily NP Run for dlfreak

 Bank (to withdraw interest)
 Qasalan Expellibox
 Lab Ray
 Altador Council Chamber (visit King)
 Shop of Offers
 Freebies (Once per month)
 Wheel of Excitement
 Wheel of Mediocrity (I usually skip this)
 Wheel of Knowledge
 Fruit Machine

 Coltzan's Shrine
 Giant Jelly
 Giant Omelette
 Buried Treasure
 Desert Scratchcards (Some prefer Winter)
 Strength test
 Deserted Tomb
 Underwater Fishing
 Healing Springs
 Weltrude's Toy Chest
 Stocks (1000 shares of a 15NP stock)
 Guild Neosite (To check for new members)
 Guild Message Boards (To chat!)

Member lindseyacron has compiled, on her website, a list of Neopets sponsor pages that could earn you more than 20,000 NP a day!

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